5 Strategies to Improve Your Relationship and Avoid Separation

Strong marriage

As a couples therapist, I have repeatedly seen the impact that separation or divorce can have on couples and families. This article focuses on 5 perspectives and strategies that can help improve your relationship and avoid separation. As a precursor to this article, I invite you to first read a blog I wrote and is […]

5 Tips to Manage Anxiety and Live More Fully

Tips to manage anxiety

Why learn to manage anxiety? Most people have experienced anxiety to some degree, so I bet you have too. Perhaps you’ve experienced heart palpitations as you were preparing to give a presentation or speech. Perhaps you’ve felt that pit in your stomach as you began to think of possible reasons you can’t get in touch […]

Learning to “Control” Emotions

How to control emotions

Humans…we’re complex, confusing, and interesting creatures. And one of the most fascinating aspects of the human experience, in my opinion, is emotion. Whether you like having emotions or not is irrelevant. Emotions are a part of being human, and rather than trying to “control” or avoid our emotions, the key is to learn how to […]