Looking for a mental health speaker?

Dr. Mike offers dynamic, interactive, and useful presentations on a variety of mental health and relationship-related topics. Give your team the gift of an entertaining and informative presentation that will leave them with actionable and helpful skills and strategies to improve coping, communication, and overall mental health.


To request more information or book Dr. Mike, please email drmiketalkspsych@gmail.com.


Stories bring ideas to life and allow the listener to connect with the ideas in a more dynamic way. Stories also allow each person to pull the information relevant to them from the stories, without that information having to be explained in a way they may or may not connect with.

Helping others develop

Self-agency is the idea that each individual can make positive things happen in their own life. However, emerging adults often struggle against the lack of power they've experienced in their lives thus far. Instead of looking to everyone else for answers and direction, imagine believing we can figure it out and make it happen ourselves.

Sharing Real-life solutions

Real-life solutions allow people to move from understanding ideas and wanting things to be different to taking action and creating a difference in their lives. I'll bring 20 years of experience and my ever-growing toolbox of exercises and strategies to help people identify ways to better manage their specific struggles with anxiety and mental health.


Dr. Mike is a psychologist that has given over 100 in-person mental health talks and presentations, and has become known for his gift of storytelling in the field. With his PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Florida in 2009, Dr. Mike has been giving presentations in his community and using his experience to influence and inspire! He’s been practicing as a Licensed Psychologist since 2010 and specializes in couples therapy where he has become known to heal even the most challenging relationships. Mike recently authored a book on managing anxiety entitled, “I Might Be Busy That Day,” filled with relatable stories and easy to digest tips on the human experience of anxiety and relationships. When he’s not giving talks and saving relationships, you’ll find him at home in Colorado with his wife of 20 years and 3 children, strumming his guitar or seeking out fun hikes or campgrounds. If you need a mental health speaker to come and present to your group or organization, contact Dr. Mike today!

Selected list of Presentations given:

  • Managing Stress and Anxiety; Improving Communication. Presentation to local realty group .
  • Health Habits to Build Mental Health.
  • The Art of Effective Communication.
  • Understanding and Managing Stress and Anxiety .
  • Active Listening: Tips on Connecting with Others.
  • Stress and Anxiety Management in the Workplace.
  • Transition to College.
  • Finding Inner Strength During Difficult Times. 
  • The Four Agreements (guided workshop for organizational staff based on the book of the same title).
  •  Understanding Depression and Anxiety.
  • Conflict Resolution.
Hopefully this selected list offers an idea of presentations I have already developed, I am open to crafting a unique presentation for you and your group based on your needs and criteria. 

Client Feedback

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